Over 180 years of horse care,
in our family,
on this farm

Welbourne Farm is small, family-owned and family-run horse retirement facility. The farm itself is a two-century old estate cradled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in northwestern Virginia. Its 530 open acres feature sweeping pastures, rolling hills, cool forests, and sun-dazzled creeks.

Our herd of 85–100 permanently retired horses—regrettably, we cannot take short-term boarders—roams these pastures unimpeded. With more than 5 acres per horse, there’s plenty of good grass and room to run for all. Two creeks and numerous streams provide water throughout the year.

A free-range, natural environment encourages long-term health and happiness in horses, both working and retired. Our horses choose when and what to eat, when to drink, lie down, get salt, and when to seek sun or shade. They keep their own schedule, which helps them keep their health.